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Caught Him Cheating

St. Charles Investigations spent only two days following my husband from Wentzville to Troy. They had photographs of my husband going into his girlfriends house late at night and coming out really early in the morning. Then they followed him back to the bar parking lot and St. Charles Investigations got pictures from two different angles of them making out in her car before he left her to go to work. I can't tell you how relieved I was to know I had proof because I was able to use that in the divorce settlement. I got to keep my house!


Child Endangerment

My ex-husband and I had shared custody of our son. He told us he had quit drinking and was supposed to pick up our child the next morning. St. Charles Investigations got pictures of him coming out of the liquor store with a package literally hours before he was supposed to pick him up, as he worked nights on a highway crew. We could then prove that he was not fit to have shared custody and not have my son around his drinking and putting our child in danger.

Collected Funds

I mailed an order of our speciaized golf balls to a man in St. Charles, and he received them, but refused to pay. St. Charles Investigations talked to the fellow and then collected the funds from him with no complications. I recommend them highly.

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Peace of Mind

My husband was staying in St. Charles for work during the week. I was sure he was cheating on me, but after St. Charles Investigations investigated for three weeks, they found that he was not. The peace of mind this gave me was worth every minute of their time!